August 2022


During the last decade, email marketing has been performing well regarding customer retention and relationship building and it has become one of the favorite tools to increase sales for business and connect with customers.

When it comes to comparing campaigns, it is essential to understand a Open Rate, the most important metric to benchmark along with other relevant metrics such as click-throughs, unsubscribed, complaint rates and, more.

For this article, an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency helped us gather some statistics to help you understand comparisons easily and nail your email marketing strategy by taking into consideration metrics to improve your deliverability and engagement.

Email Benchmark by Industry

According to Campaign Monitor, here are the email benchmarks to take into consideration this 2022. Still, we need to keep in mind that they can vary based on the industry, and other factors.

Industry Open Rates Click-Through Rates Click-To-Open Rates Unsubscribe Rates
Advertising & Marketing 20.50% 1.80% 9.00% 0.20%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting 27.30% 3.40% 12.50% 0.30%
Consumer Packaged Goods 20% 1.90% 11.10% 0.10%
Education 28.50% 4.40% 15.70% 0.20%
Financial Services 27.10% 2.40% 10.10% 0.20%
Restaurant, Food & Beverage 18.50% 2.00% 10.50% 0.10%
Government & Politics 19.40% 2.80% 14.30% 0.10%
Healthcare Services 23.70% 3.00% 13.40% 0.30%
IT/Tech/Software 22.70% 2.00% 9.80% 0.20%
Logistics & Wholesale 23.40% 2.00% 11.70% 0.30%
Media, Entertainment, Publishing 23.90% 2.90% 12.40% 0.10%
Nonprofit 26.60% 2.70% 10.20% 0.20%
Other 19.90% 2.60% 13.20% 0.30%
Professional Services 19.30% 2.10% 11.10% 0.20%
Real Estate, Design, Construction 21.70% 3.60% 17.20% 0.20%
Retail 17.10% 0.70% 5.80% 0.10%
Travel, Hospitality, Leisure 20.20% 1.40% 8.70% 0.20%
Wellness & Fitness 19.20% 1.20% 6.00% 0.40%
Average Totals 21.5% (+3.5%) 2.3% (-0.3%) 10.5% (-3.6%) 0.1% (-)

Best Days to send Email Marketing Campaigns

The best days to schedule your email campaigns are normally weekdays. The lowest engagement and ORs seem to happen during weekends. During Mondays we see the highest email open rates (22%) and Tuesdays & Wednesdays tend to have better click-through rates (10.8%). Saturdays and Sundays have the lowest click-through rates (2.1%) and the lowest click-to-open rates occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (10.1%)

*This data exhibits the overall picture but results may change depending on your audience, location and other factors. So we suggest you keep monitoring and run appropriate email tests throughout your strategy to make the best decision.

How to improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Now that you know the standard open rate for email marketing (17% – 28%) here’s something you should be aware of:

When it comes to stand out in every single inbox, you need to pay attention not only to Open Rates but also, the content, the templates and everything that might help you drive results and improve the metrics we’ve mentioned before.

To make the most out of your email campaigns, here are 4 types of data that will power up your email marketing strategy. Own your data and connect with your customers to measure and improve the success of yout marketing efforts.