October 2022


As shoppers increasingly seek out experience-focused retail, the high street is beginning to change. Retailers are now making room along their traditional shelves of products for events and interactive opportunities where customers can enjoy a brand’s lifestyle. Health and beauty stores, such as Lush and The Body Shop, are increasingly hosting spa treatments, while Nespresso welcomes customers to enjoy a coffee-tasting session led by experienced baristas.

These events are leading not only to increased sales as customers become more attached to specific brands but also to a culture of pop-up events on the high street. Now, if a brand wants to increase its appeal, it should consider the experience it can offer.

Advertise Ahead

While some retailers find success with surprise events, these opportunities are rare. Instead, and for assured pop-up event success, retailers would do well to ensure customers are aware of what’s to come. With forward thinking and effective marketing, a pop-up event is assured footfall meaning that there will be a return on investment and, ultimately, positive impact.

To achieve this, retailers must remember to utilise online advertising as much as they do in-store. While it may seem counterintuitive to advertise online, social media tools are now well-equipped to ensure that essential customers are targeted and made aware of the upcoming event.

Curated Design

Adapting a shop’s interior design to accommodate a pop-up event is not only essential from an aesthetic perspective but also in the consideration of safety. Store furniture and shelving, as well as sign fittings, should ensure that, as they are rearranged, they remain compliant and safe, especially for retailers that expect a significant number of shoppers in attendance.

Depending on the extent of a temporary redesign, brands should consider investing in stylish or even bespoke retail furniture to help support their event, demonstrating great quality and curation to customers. For those retailers concerned about the initial cost, there are now a number of options for hiring retail furniture and shelving.


Incentivise Customers

A successful pop-up event is generally underpinned by one consideration: what is the customer taking away? Whether they are set to leave with a discount offer, a new experience, or even a sample product, there should be a considered draw for each shopper to attend a pop-up event.

Some pop-ups will make limited stock available, appealing to customers who wish to obtain a rare, even potentially valuable item. Brands such as Nike and The Pokemon Company have found success with this method, gaining increased attention from online buzz and even high street queues.

Expert Staff

Customers, when attending a pop-up event, will turn to sales representatives and staff members to guide them. Being the point of contact for a brand is always an important role, one that forms a potentially positive and lasting relationship with customers and, at a pop-up event, it becomes even more significant.

Prior to the event, ensure that staff are well-trained not only to manage their tasks at hand but also to engage with customers about the activity and products, ensuring that each person leaves understanding the message of the brand.

A large part of deciding how to carry out your pop-up experience is what need it will fill for you consumers. The infographic below is a great source to help decide what metrics to track and ways to meet consumer expectations.

Infographic provided by Riveron – accounting advisory