With more than 24 plants speckling across 90 nations, Keter Group is doing good business, and they are doing it in every corner of the world.

Born out of Israel over 70 years ago, Keter Group has turned into a bustling business known as much for its sustainable solutions as for its preponderance of high-end and affordable home and garden solutions.

CEO Alejandro Pena and Keter Group Managing Director Eddie Johnson took to the airwaves to discuss a few ways that their business has been focusing on invention, sustenance, and new product development.

Creating a Sustainable Concept

Keter Group has long lived by the slogan, “Driven to Invent.”

With a focus on making something new or reinventing something old, Keter was quick to grow roots throughout Israel. Before too long, Keter Group would navigate into new markets by embracing what makes them special: high-quality resin products for home, garden, and other outdoor markets.

Sustainable resin materials form the foundation of everything that Keter does, and it is something that Alejandro Pena isn’t shy with regard to bragging about. The company’s adherence to sustainability, as well as its history of innovation, has made it an industry leader in the sustainable industry.

Creating a Business With Focus

Keter has continually doubled down on its focus on creating a better and more sustainable management process, recalling its first principle: “We invent what’s new and what’s next.”

Eddie Johnson went on to say, “Part of our DNA is being entrepreneurial and agile.”

Pena and Johnson would go on to detail how important it was to believe that nothing was impossible and that they were working toward something bigger by involving the global marketplace.

Keter Group continues to leverage the global marketplace in order to enter into new areas to continue plying their trade. On the sustainable front, this has meant incorporating more manufacturing facilities in and around the communities where people are purchasing them. As a result of this close-to-home style of manufacturing, Keter is able to greatly diminish waste caused by the supply line.

Throughout the process, Alejandro Pena and the team at Keter have continued to double down and reiterate the importance of reducing their environmental impact. In addition to keeping manufacturing facilities close to areas where products are being sold, the company is also focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by embracing numerous energy efficiency initiatives.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena was particularly effusive in his praise of the company’s ability to respond to the realities of greenhouse gases and increased waste. Pena said, “We were also able to great and contract faster than many of our competitors, who again have very long lead times and are not as flexible as we may be.”

Alejandro Pena went on to add, “We actually make our product where the product is consumed. This enabled us to be more responsive to adapt quicker to this particular dynamic.”

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