The private cloud is the ultimate in servers, ensuring you have a safe, secure and incredibly efficient place to allocate resources. There are myriad reasons why Australian companies are making the switch to this incredible service, and we thought we would share a few with you below:

  • It greatly enhances security

The best cloud storage solutions Canberra has contains a number of security-enhancing features, including firewall and antivirus software. With a private service, you will always know the exact location of your servers as well having the knowledge that the right physical security and network are in use. Furthermore, you can easily contact your customer support team to learn more about how network and physical security operates.

  • It provides optimised resource management

Making the private service transition will enhance your physical server hardware’s value. Why? Because you can use one single server that shares resources, in contrast to using multiple servers that use around 10% CPU.

This, consequently, decreases rack space, power usage and is far easier to maintain. What’s more, it allows your company to create server copies before easily incorporating them into your system. If you utilise the right data management tools, you can easily automatically allocate the right resources to the server that requires them.

You can also switch off unnecessary servers when they are offering low usage, making it an absolute breeze to manage your network!

  • It fights against data loss

When you combine a storage area network (SAN) with your private cloud, you can produce amazing redundancy. It is simple to shift server resources in real time, but you can also turn off a server without any company downtime, making it a highly efficient option for fighting data loss.

This makes it easy to add more RAM, upgrade software and replace your hard drive. When the right configuration is utilised, you can switch off this server and switch the virtual servers to a different server operating within the network. This makes disaster protection far more efficient for companies with sensitive information.

  • It makes things more flexible

Making the private server switch increases company flexibility. With a private server, you don’t need to stress about wasting company resources in trying to size a server when you can easily do it in real time. Private servers easily increase RAM, CPU, disk space and much more, allowing you to simply reallocate your company’s resources in real time without worrying about finding a physical server that will hold the resources your new server needs to operate.

  • It will save your business time & money

Private servers are designed to save organisations time and money. Your company won’t only receive the amazing benefits of virtualisation and security, but it will be cheaper to operate, not to mention far easier than buying dedicated servers or hosting your own. If your company contains numerous servers, virtualisation is certainly the best choice, as it will ensure your organisation has plenty of resources to work with as time goes on.

It’s the best option for your organisation

In the digital era, it’s simply imperative for your business organisation to be ahead with the right resources that serve your needs. The private cloud ensures your organisation will benefit from disaster protection, enhanced security, increased flexibility and resource management without the downtime that other servers contain.

This is what makes it the most efficient option for optimising your digital solution!

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