As the CEO and President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), Shelton Haynes has emerged as a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion. Under his visionary leadership, Roosevelt Island has become a model community that celebrates diversity and empowers every resident to thrive.

Shelton Haynes Puts Community First

Haynes firmly believes that a solid and inclusive community is built on the foundation of understanding, respecting, and embracing diversity. With this in mind, he has taken significant steps to promote diversity across the island. One of his key initiatives has been to foster an environment where every resident feels valued and heard. Through town hall meetings, community forums, and open dialogues, Haynes ensures that residents’ voices are heard and their concerns are addressed.

Moreover, Haynes recognizes the importance of representation in leadership roles. He has been instrumental in appointing a diverse team of professionals to critical positions within RIOC. By championing diversity in the workplace, he sets an example for other organizations to follow suit and cultivates a sense of belonging and acceptance for all employees.

Haynes’ commitment to diversity extends beyond the RIOC and into the community. He has worked closely with local organizations and advocacy groups to promote inclusivity and support underrepresented communities. Through partnerships and collaborations, Haynes has created opportunities for residents to participate in civic activities and community-driven initiatives.

In addition to promoting diversity, Haynes also recognizes the importance of inclusivity in public spaces. Under his leadership, several projects have been undertaken to make Roosevelt Island more accessible and welcoming. From renovating public parks to ensuring infrastructure meets the needs of all residents, Haynes prioritizes inclusivity in every aspect of community development.

RIOC Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

Beyond his professional endeavors, Shelton J. Haynes also leads by example in promoting diversity and inclusion. He actively engages with residents, participates in community events, and takes the time to understand the unique needs and perspectives of different individuals. His genuine empathy and approachability have earned him the trust and admiration of the Roosevelt Island community.

As the head of RIOC, Haynes has embraced his role as a catalyst for positive change. His commitment to diversity and inclusion has strengthened community bonds and attracted attention beyond Roosevelt Island. Under his leadership, Roosevelt Island has become a model community where residents from all walks of life come together to create a vibrant and harmonious neighborhood.

Leading By Example

Mr. Haynes’ dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion on Roosevelt Island has transformed the community into a shining example of unity and acceptance. Haynes has fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment for all residents through his advocacy for open dialogues, representation, and inclusive initiatives. His approach to leadership serves as an inspiration for other organizations and communities, highlighting the profound impact that a commitment to diversity and inclusion can have on the growth and prosperity of a neighborhood.

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