The term entrepreneur consists of two French words which means to do or immerse themselves in something that also thinks you. There is a deep feeling of immersion in the process and someone who is an entrepreneur with very good understanding it. Understanding an entrepreneur, they can be called as people who take risks. They do things that others can call “intestinal feelings” which are instincts obtained through knowledge, the things they have learned in life and who come out as “intestinal feelings”. This feeling comes out as an experience that helps an entrepreneur to make faster decisions in terms of location, business, service, etc.

Referring to the dictionary, the definition can be read as someone who only manages business and takes all the risks to generate profits. True entrepreneurs are someone who is diligent; Someone will never give up. Someone who has their vision and dreams right in front of their faces and will never let anything, anyone, all circumstances, obstacles to prevent them from pursuing their dreams in any situation. There are many people out there who pursue their business but they give up on the first example of the problem. And it’s not a true voice of an entrepreneur.

If we see today many businesses are run by first-generation entrepreneurs. These people are humble, simple and they have a vision and dream to help others. Adding it, they are someone who can do creative activities, someone who is not saved, imaginative and steps above others who are willing and ready to invest in their vision.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur. There is an entrepreneur in each of us as God has given everyone with several or other talents or passion that can easily turn into business if we want it and choose to do it. The only thing you believe in your dreams and desires and how far you can make them come true.

Some quality entrepreneurs are they provide the freedom to do what you want to do. They allow you to make your own destination and if you make a mistake; You live with them. They believe that you will not learn if you don’t make mistakes and therefore we understand the meaning of accountable. Employers seek opportunities regardless of the resources available for them.

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