There are old quotes that say, “The best things in life are free”. While the original intention of the quote may be higher, it will be very interesting for everyone who wants to advertise online.

The number of sites for online advertising is equal to the internet itself but every advertiser wants the same thing for the ad; Visibility. For this purpose, advertisers must decide on the type of ad and also a website, which will eventually be responsible for the promotion of its ad.

Online advertising has various types and advertisers must choose the most suitable for the product and the target.

The most commonly identified are search engine results pages. A list of web pages displayed in response to search requests will have a link above the organic list (page appears according to the search relevance) that looks like a list except for font factors and background for differentiation. As an alternative, ads can be placed on the right side of the page as classified.

The same form can be identified and more fun visually is a banner ad. They are placed on web pages in the form of images, animations and videos with or without sound. Clicking the banner takes one to the advertised website.

Interactive media responds to user actions and presents content in various forms. General types are virtual reality.

Social network ads are effective when a particular group is targeted. With the increasing popularity of various social networking websites can be placed directly or based on your friends. Groups or pages that can be combined by users are other innovative methods.

Webpaging Interstitial ads are advertisements that appear before or after the content you want to access. Advertisers must be careful using media like users are more likely to be frustrated if the content he is looking for is delayed by the ad.

Email marketing is a very direct online advertising form. Most users check their email regularly so that advertisers can reach them to introduce new products to new and new customers and maintain customer relationships. While the response to these ads can be tracked easily, the letters can be rejected or filtered and may not violate spam laws.

Choosing a website to put free ads will eventually determine the success of your ad. Although it is true that most of the free ad websites are actually ineffective, advertisers must follow the dictum ‘more or less’. Instead of advertising on all websites that can be found, with the hope of hitting signs, advertisers must carefully choose from some of the top and popular listed websites. There are several sites that continue to update the list of websites for free advertising. Forums and blogs, many times attached to these sites, provide sufficient feedback from other online advertisers who can help advertisers not only to avoid certain sites but also to find the website that is most suitable for their own purposes.

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