Advertising options:

Offline advertising has so many outlets that we all know. It’s easy to understand the difference between TV and advertising board or newspaper versus a magazine, but when you want to advertise in a digital room, the spectrum really becomes wide and the price difference can be extraordinary. I want to explain some channels where you can advertise digitally that can give you a very good return. The main question is who you want to reach?

Who wants you to reach?

This is fast and it’s entirely up to you. This is the first question that you should ask yourself when thinking about advertising on the internet. After you know it, here are some options that will help you improve your online brand.

Social media ads:

Social media advertising is the right place for small to medium enterprises to test waters. Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is the best way to target a very specific audience that you want to reach. Here is a list of reasons for social media advertisements are the right place to get started: It’s cheap on some channels that you can spend as little as $ 5.00 per day you might be among 600 million people on Facebook, so when you advertise there, you Find out where your ad goes. It is highly targeted: On LinkedIn you can target the size of the company, position in the company, ratings in the company and of course the area where your life target – extensive option. This is flexible: if you find that you talk to the wrong audience, you can make real time changes to your advertising plan and budget. It has great analystes: You might know that your target audience is not a man aged 34 – 55 but is actually a woman aged 25-30 years. Everything is in analytic.

Contextual Advertising:

Between Google, Bing and Yahoo!, You have many choices. It’s amazing how much your target can be with your marketing in search. Not all services are offered by all channels but the mixture with all three can make you: ad keywords: This is the basic function of the ad on one of these channels. Advertising using keywords needs a little massage but this is a great way to target those who are looking for what you sell.

Geographical targeted choices:

Do you want to advertise only to people in this neighborhood within 10 miles of your storefront? No problem. Behavior target: Yahoo! Offer this function. This means you can target anyone on Yahoo! Channels that show certain behaviors online. For example, if the user sees an online shoe store, you can slip your ad in front of them for special shoes. Retargeting: The form of this ad offers your business way to target users after they visit your website. You enter the code code on the page you want to target and present the ads built for that page – after they leave your site.

Cellular Advertising:

Usually cellphones are pay-per-click advertising methods with relatively good click-up rates. Cellular advertising is often displayed in games for cellular devices but that does not mean that large company CEOs do not enjoy the free version of words with friends. Cellular Advertising Offers: Mobility: Advertising on mobile devices gives you outlets to put your brand in a broad hand audience. Great branding opportunities: Videos are often displayed on mobile devices and gives you the ability to attract the attention of someone who stands in line or waiting for the train. The message might not be too timely but one more touch point to tell them that you are here. Wide range: Because at this time, it is very expensive for truly geotarget to the micro level, cellphones are better for those who want a broad area such as the country where your business office is located. This broad range is a good choice because prices for broad targeting are traditionally cheaper.

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